Corporate and Partnership Governance...

Practice what you preach...

In governing your organisation and conducting your business, your stakeholders expect you to:

  • be Accountable
  • be Effective
  • show Integrity
  • be Open and inclusive
  • be Up-to date and innovative

In the way that you lead and conduct your organisation.

They want you to be representing their interests, spending their money wisely and ensuring best value service provision whatever the eventuality.

Our corporate governance diagnostic is a structured framework that we have developed based upon best practice governance. It will help you to pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses in your corporate governance and capitalise on or correct them.

You will be well placed to be fleet of foot in your innovations, make swift decisions that are transparent, balance risk and reward, and follow due process. You will be able to prove to your stakeholders that you are representing their interests in the best way that you can.

We can help you ensure existing structures, processes, codes and protocols; or new ones – particularly in partnership – meet these tests both on paper and in reality.


“Shelley and Jeremy were very helpful in focusing our elected members and officers. Their methodologies were very useful in getting us started as was their questioning style.”

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