Constructive Challenge...

A stitch in time saves nine...

You are exploring new ways of working to improve service delivery and reduce costs. These will include shared services, outsourcing, management buy-outs, mutuals, social enterprises, and arms length management companies.

There is a risk that these new ways of working coupled with lighter touch self-regulation, like the ‘new public management’ before them, could lead to a bonfire of rules and rulebooks which can open the door for abuse and waste of public money.

You need good governance to be embedded into the new agendas right from the start. It will be all too easy for your staff and others to think the old principles and rules are not applicable in the gold rush to new partnerships and ways of working. Without proper disciplines and assurance, it is all too likely that the gold at the end of the rainbow turns out to be iron pyrites.

And you can’t rely on audit at times of such change. A rigid and essentially backward looking model of assurance like audit, played out in public, is not sufficient. It neither has the fleetness of foot nor lightness of process to ensure, by itself, that good governance is built into change by design, or that the change process itself meets governance principles. Publicly bayoneting the wounded after the battle has ended helps nobody.

We can provide high level challenge and support outside the audit framework that is far more appropriate to how you need to continue to change to meet the unprecedented challenges ahead. In short, we can help you to get it right first time.


“Shelley and Jeremy have given my management team real support in confirming that we are focusing on the right things and that we won’t be tripped up on our transformation“

“Working with Shelley and Jeremy is not only very focussed on the desired outcomes - it is also lots of fun!”

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