Culture and Conduct...

One rotten apple spoils the whole barrel...

Having the right leadership style, the right culture and an appropriate ethical framework are essential to your organisation’s success and to building the trust of your stakeholders.

Our board/team effectiveness diagnostic is a structured framework based upon best practice to help you to pinpoint your team's strengths and weaknesses and capitalise on or correct them. It helps you to understand what aspects of your culture are holding you back. We take soundings from around the organisation and from stakeholders to dig below the surface – as what is visible is so often only the tip of the iceberg. Once you have a full picture, we can help you to work on improving those aspects that you feel uncomfortable about - whether this relates to leadership, ethics, communication, collaboration or innovation.

We can help you to draft codes and protocols to guide behaviour, and develop mechanisms for compliance and redress.

We specialise in undertaking confidential investigations into sensitive matters. You may have a thorny issue that requires resolution. These are the issues that go to the heart of the organisation's leadership and governance.

They are like a grub in the apple. Left untreated they will eat away at it. They might concern improper relationships, bullying, fraud, corruption, conflicts of interest or other inappropriate behaviours. Or simply poor performance.

It is often best to call in objective, external support to investigate such matters – not least because internally led investigations can be career limiting for the investigator.

We have a wealth of experience in dealing with the most sensitive governance issues in a discrete and professional way.


“It was a prodigious effort and can only have been achieved with considerable skill and energy”

“I had a problem in one of my key directorate management teams. I needed to know exactly where the problem lay. Jeremy and Shelley were most helpful not only in diagnosing the problem, but helping me to resolve it to the benefit of the organisation and many individuals. This was a very challenging assignment and I found it advantageous to have an experienced sounding board outside the organisation to advise me"

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