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Look before you leap...

Your stakeholders expect you to take and manage risks wisely as you plan for the future, deliver services, represent your communities and use technology. You are being pressed to take ever greater leaps into the unknown in an effort to improve service delivery and reduce costs.

And breaking the mould is a very risky business!  

You need to be confident that your procedures to identify, prioritise and manage existing, never mind about new, risks are all-embracing and up to the job.  And by risk we are not talking about just health and safety or insurable risk but about the very real business risks to an organisation arising out of its governance and management structures and processes, its suppliers, contractors and partnerships, its social and economic infrastructure, its environment and its technological and financial situations. 

The effects of risks crystallising can be disastrous – to the organisation, to individuals within it, to the environment, and to the people the organisation serves.

We can help you to avoid taking bad risks in the first place, as well as proactive identification, assessment, prioritisation and management of existing risks to prevent you from going wrong.

Our comprehensive frameworks provide structured approaches that we have developed based upon best practice risk-taking, risk management and continuity planning in the public, not-for-profit and private sectors. With risks that you have no choice but to live with, or in the event that a calculated risk backfires, you will be able to ensure seamless business continuity in your service delivery.


“The workshops run by Shelley and Jeremy
were the best sessions of their kind that
me and my management team have ever
had in all our careers"

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